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Action Takers

A 6-month 1-1 coaching experience that’ll help you get out of your own way and design a life that feels effortlessly epic

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— Marina, writer and marketer

"Having Emma in my corner has been my secret life-hack to elevating huge aspects of my life."

— Mel, Event Professional

"Emma was the sounding board, accountability partner and creative strategist I didn’t know I needed."

— Aoife, yogi, writer and teacher

"Hiring Emma as my life coach has been one of the most valuable things I've ever done. Under Emma’s guidance, I feel accountable without having to count myself out."

So huge, they scare you a little bit. Some days you’re buzzing with excitement from all the ideas you want to bring to life.

Like the side-hustle you want to start so you can roll in passive income.

The book you’ve always wanted to write.

The fitness goals you want to smash out of the park.

The dream job you want to land.

You have big dreams.
Huge, in fact

Let me guess…

But you can never stay focused on a habit or productivity system long enough to get sh*t done (R.I.P to all those planner app subscriptions you forgot to cancel)


You know you need a routine and structure so you can seize the day and make a dent in your To-Do list


Yet somehow, you also feel underwhelmed. Because all that overthinking has stalled your progress, leaving you bored and disheartened AF


You’re so overwhelmed by all the paths you *could* or *should* take that you end up doing…nothing (helloooo procrastination)


But, when it comes to actually *doing* something about it―it feels like your squiggly brain is doing everything in its power to sabotage you

And despite being a brilliant, creative woman with no shortage of potential…

You have a pile of half-finished projects as sky-high as the laundry dump heap in your bedroom

You identify a little too deeply with the moths that fly from one shiny object to the next

You can barely stay focused on a 20-second TikTok, let alone your entire To-Do list

Let me stop you right there. You can create your dream life and achieve your goals even if ―

“What the hell is wrong with me?”

“Why can’t I get my sh*t together like everyone else?”

“Why can’t I follow through on my goals?”

“I’ll never get there.”

You continue to be plagued by the same internal chorus of self-doubt, like:

Because here’s the thing ―

There’s nothing wrong with you.

You’ve just been trying to fit into a box that was never equipped to carry all your brilliance

And, you've been believing outdated myths about success created by old men in a boardroom, like:

Slow, steady and linear progress is the only way to achieve your goals (Spoiler Alert: it’s not!)

You’re lazy if you can’t sustain the same level of energy and motivation all day, every day (Umm…it’s called being human??)

It’s unrealistic and selfish to strive for something beyond the 9-5 grind (Pfftt.)

Living up to other people’s expectations should come before your authentic desires (Don’t even get me started on this!)

Well I’m here to call BS on those myths and tell you that you don’t need to spend another day stuck in this state of shame-filled inertia

You just need a science-backed approach that works for your smart, scattered and spectacularly unique brain ― not against it

One that helps you take consistent action, finish the things you start, and create a life you’re proud of.

How do I know this?

Allow me to introduce myself…

I’m an imperfect action coach, certified life designer and internationally-published author.

Oh yeah, and I’m also a (reformed) procrastinator, with ADHD and a hefty side of people-pleasing perfectionism 🙃

From a young age, I’ve always felt a little different.

I'm Emma Norris!

Meet the main action taker

I was a quirky, shy and deeply sensitive little girl who always had her head in the clouds. And I always felt like I never quite fit in with everybody else.

Couple my neurodivergent brain with some less-than-optimal early life experiences, and I developed a deep-seated need to prove my worth.

This manifested in a vicious loop of perfectionism and procrastination that led me to put immense pressure on myself to achieve at university.

But, despite my best intentions, I could never start my assignments until the night before it was due. Cue the last-minute panic breakdowns and tearful all-nighters.

My procrastination tendencies became so bad, I ended up graduating late and behind the rest of my class (further validating my belief that I was an outsider).

But thanks to my ambition (and my drive to prove I was successful), I hustled my butt off and landed a job in the competitive world of magazine publishing.

Sounds like a pretty sweet ending, right?

Except it wasn’t. 

While sitting at my desk at my 9-5, churning out the same content day in and day out, I came to this crushing realisation:

It was one I’d fallen into while chasing what I thought I “should” be doing.

And while my life looked shiny & glossy from the outside, it ultimately wasn’t one that fulfilled me.
So despite the well-intentioned advice of everyone around me, I followed my gut and took a huge pay cut to work at an online lifestyle publication instead,

There, I launched my first copywriting business as a side hustle to diversify my income…

I learned the ropes of blogging and spotted a gap in the market for more relatable and aspirational content…

The life I had wasn’t one I wanted at all. Except it wasn’t. 

And in 2018 I started my very own blog,
A Girl In Progress.

Within a few years, I had made well over 6 figures as a content writer, grown my blog to over a million readers, launched my first digital course to over 5000 students, and sold more than 65,000 copies of my my first book, Progress Over Perfection.

And now, I get to work from home in my beautiful beachside apartment doing what truly lights me up ―

Helping creative & driven women take imperfect action and make epic progress towards their goals. 

I accepted that creating an extraordinary life would mean doing things differently and going against the status quo .

I let go of all the things I thought I “should” do to be perfect and followed me own intuition instead,

I sought out and implemented strategies that worked for my neurodivergent brain ― not against it.


And once I broke free from other people’s expectations and started designing a life that felt good to me..


Being an overworked, underpaid freelance writer who charged $40 a blog post

Charging my worth and earning thousands a day for my work, which is read and seen by millions

Struggling to maintain my personal relationships, due to extreme sensitivity, insecurity and weak boundaries

Strong and authentic relationships where I feel safe and empowered to be myself and speak my truth

Feeling like I never measured up because I was constantly comparing my looks, personality and accomplishments to others.

Being at peace with my own strengths & weaknesses and staying laser-focused on my own lane 

Having poor self image and inconsistent fitness routine (I’m talking periods of obsessive workouts followed by junk food binges) 

Effortlessly maintaining my health and fitness by consistently doing workouts and eating nutritious foods I enjoy

Drowning in piles of unpaid bills, unanswered emails and impending deadlines that I felt I’d never get on top off

Having my own foolproof systems and shortcuts in place so my work and life feels like it's under control

Being so painfully shy and terrified of being perceived that I would break out in a sweat if I had to speak in a meeting

Confidently showing up as myself, speaking at events and online, and being featured in publications like Forbes for my work

None of this happened overnight


It has taken me over years of studying, trial and error, and over $100,000 in professional development before I was able to develop a transformative system that helps me take imperfect action towards my goals.

But using this, I’ve been able to help over 5000 ambitious, driven women hit their dream goals, gain serious momentum, and level-up their life.

And now, I want to help YOU get the same results in a fraction of the time (and cost!)

A 6-month 1-1 coaching experience that’ll help you get out of your own way and design a life that feels effortlessly epic

…even if you have ADHD, feel a little scattered, or are easily distracted 


The Action Takers Accelerator

It combines the accountability aspect of a membership with the self-learning aspects of a course, PLUS personalised 1-1 support to help you create a total lifestyle transformation.

It’s also an experience that’s based on a science-backed approach and run by someone who intimately understands how ADHD & neurodivergent brains work (hey, that’s me!)

Action Takers Accelerator isn’t just a coaching program

listen up!

Here’s how I learned to work with my brain to make strides towards my goals (and how I’ll help *you* do the same!)

By working in short, sharp bursts, I’ve been able to leverage my hyperfocus and make rapid progress towards my goals and projects without burning out. 

A Sprint Based Approach

This human-centred approach allows me to design a life and a business I love from the ground up using a process of problem-solving, ideation, prototyping and iteration.

A Design Thinking Mentality

Daily & weekly check-ins from accountability mentors ensures I make progress towards my goals every single week, even when I’d rather be watching Netflix. 

Through my studies in Psychology and Applied Neuroscience (and a process of trial-and-error), I’ve developed a system for achieving goals that perfectly complements neurodivergent brains

Brain-Based Productivity Tools

Next-Level Accountability

A deeper understanding of conscious-level tools like CBT and DBT helps me break through perfectionism, procrastination and self-doubt so I can get sh*t done.

An Inside-Out Mindset Overhaul

Design a life so fulfilling even your Mondays feel like a Friday!

Start and finish the goals and projects that excite you instead of leaving them half-completed.

Wake up feeling excited and in control of your day instead of feeling like you’re always behind.

Move through your life in the state of effortless flow that comes from harnessing your superpowers and knowing exactly who you are.

Instead, you’ll have the coaching, support and accountability you need to:

With Action Takers Accelerator, you’ll no longer feel scattered, unfocused, or overwhelmed

"Emma's course has legit changed my life!  I absolutely know that I can be more productive and have great strategies to put into action."

These amazing women took action. Will you? 

— Stacey, teacher

— Sarah, proofreader and editor

"I highly recommend this course to anyone who needs real-life strategies and advice to kick their procrastination to the curb for good.

This course is jam-packed with little nuggets of gold and actionable objectives that will completely change the way you work. Emma’s teaching style is extremely knowledgeable yet relatable and real."

— Marina, writer and marketer

"In the few months of Emma as my life coach, I managed to successfully finish my final uni semester, get a hard-to-get dream job before I even officially graduated and gain clarity on my desires and goals to put an actionable, exciting and realistic plan together for what my ideal next 6 months of my life could be like. 

I highly recommend working with Emma to anyone looking to level up their life."

— Amy, musician

"The course is fabulous!

Emma is friendly and informative and it's like having your own coaching sessions at any time of any day. The content is really helpful and all the strategies are really easy to implement into your life. I definitely feel more motivated and like I procrastinate less than before I took the course. I'd really recommend it."

— Aoife, writer and teacher 

"During our first session, Emma immediately put me at ease. She was friendly, warm and down to earth. This served to create a safe space where I felt comfortable sharing my dreams, ambitions, hopes and wishes. Under Emma’s guidance, I feel accountable without having to count myself out. This is down to the manageable targets that are set.

She encourages action steps to be taken no matter how small."

— Mel, Event Professional 

"An absolute gamechanger is how I would describe working with Emma.

I’d been sitting on an idea for months, constantly brainstorming how to bring it to life but never quite getting anywhere. 
Within our session, we’d outlined a roadmap, and written all of the pieces needed to launch my campaign – I was mind blown!"

What's Included
Our six-week 'Hot Mess Success' Bootcamp In July

And if you’re looking to make serious strides in your business…you can choosE THIS ADD ON AT A HEAVILY DISCOUNTED PRICE:

Instead of getting overwhelmed by your goals, we’ll identify the small behaviors and action steps you need to take each day to move you closer and closer. Then, we’ll create a plan to help you build & stick to these healthy habits!


Design Your Habits


We’ll figure out exactly how you want to feel each day and reverse engineer the routines you need to keep (and ditch!) so you can wake up excited and fall asleep content.

And because I know how your energy can ebb and flow throughout the day, we’ll work on strategies on how to deal with your fluctuating energy levels, plus how to leverage periods of hyperfocus to move the needle on your projects.

program month three

Design Your Vibe


Mindset is a tricky beast! But using the latest insights from psychology, neuroscience and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), you’ll discover how to optimize your brain for maximum productivity, creativity, focus and resilience.

Together, we’ll work through challenges like busting through imposter syndrome, finding the root cause of your procrastination, identifying the ways you self-sabotage, and more so you can confidently go after your goals.


Design Your Mindset


We’ll get crystal clear on what you *really* want in life once you strip away the “shoulds”. Whether you want to start a side-hustle, smash a fitness goal, add more self-care to your days or re-evaluate your career ― we’ll develop a solid roadmap to help you bring your vision to life. 

program month one

Design Your Vision


With your healthy habits and routines in place, we’ll shift our focus towards creating a career or business that lets you create meaningful impact, earn more money, and enjoy life!


Design Your Work


With a solid foundation in place, this is where we’ll start dreaming about what’s to come and how we can bring it to life.

Whether you’re wrapping up in the program here or graduating on to our business pathway, feel excited, confident and in control of what’s to come.


Design Your Future


Calling upon human-centered content strategy, you’ll discover how to quickly and effectively create marketing content that connects with your ideal audience. 


Design Your Content Strategy


We’ll use the power of design thinking to rapidly ideate, prototype and launch your signature product or service that lights you up!


Design Your Offers


With your vision in place, we’ll create a winning business identity or personal brand that feels unashamedly you and positions you as the go-to business in your niche. 


Design Your Brand


Whether you’re working on a side-hustle to generate passive income, or looking to ditch the 9-5, we’ll map out a plan to build a business that fuels your life goals.


Design Your Business


Who says launching has to be exhausting and stressful? Together, we'll map out how you're going to get the word out about your amazing new business and offers — in a way that doesn't sacrifice your sanity or sap your precious mental energy.


Design Your Launch


Yes, your business can run smoothly and on autopilot! You just need the right systems and processes to help you get there. Together, we’ll look at the biggest bottlenecks in your business, the tasks you can automate (so you can free up your brain space!), and how to deal with your business admin even if you get overwhelmed easily. 


Design Your Systems


MONTHLY 1-1 coaching call with me, so you can get customised and strategic guidance on your next steps.

MONTHLY Guided Sprints to make major progress on your goals and projects.

MONTHLY Guest Workshops from experts in productivity, entrepreneurship, and wellness

FORTNIGHTLY Group Coaching Calls that are based on the theme of the month. This is where you can get insights from me and the rest of the ambitious women in the group as well.

to keep you laser focused on your goals, you’ll also get access to a ton of support & accountability, like ―


DAILY Accountability check-Ins (yes, really!) to ensure you’re staying on track with your goals and habits

ON-DEMAND, guided Virtual co-working Sessions so you can prioritise your projects and get sh*t done

Access to a team of mental health experts to support your transformation, including a therapist and hypnotherapist

The Action Taker’s Box full of goodies & tools to help you stay productive ― including your quarterly Imperfect Progress Planner!

Wait, there's more

Mika started an empowering online community for women navigating mid-life.

Aoife spoke at global wellness events and was featured in dream publications. 

Mel's event business was featured in Forbes.

Isabelle quit her job to go full-time freelance as a content creator.

This could be you

over 6000 women have started taking action on their dream lives. will you?

Become an action taker

A cashflow friendly payment plan

$499 US

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Ready to start creating that dream life of yours?

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Are you ready?

You’re already happy with every area of your life, and not looking to change anything

You’re not open to experimentation and taking action

You’re not willing to commit to 6 months to a year of becoming the best version of yourself

The Action Taker Accelerator probably isn't quite right for you if…

You’re driven and ambitious, but you struggle with consistency and staying focused

The Action Taker Accelerator is perfect for you if…

From the ADHDers and the Auties to the forever-lost-in-thoughties, this program supports both the neurodivergent and ‘just distracted’ in supporting their biggest goals.

You’re on a mission to seriously level up your life

You want more in life, but you struggle to identify exactly what that looks like or how to get there.

You need accountability to get sh*t done

You’ve made some pretty epic strides on your own. But when it comes to creating the life you want to live, you want more guidance to help you follow through on your goals.

You want to be part of a community of people who ‘get’ you

Because life can feel pretty lonely when you’re always on the outside looking in. You want an intimate group of people to lean on who understand what it’s like to feel scattered, but will also encourage you to chase after your wildest dreams.

What makes Action Takers Accelerator different?

With so many different motivational, goal setting and productivity programs out there, you’re probably wondering how Action Takers Accelerator is different.

Or if it’ll even work for you…

Especially since your shiny object syndrome can make you jump from one unfinished resource to the next.

So here’s how Action Takers Accelerator compares to other programs on the market:

Other Programs 

Only focuses on lifestyle, business, career or productivity. 

Action Takers Accelerator

Adopts a holistic approach so you can achieve true transformation in all areas of your life.

Other Programs 

Provide generic advice that’s only based on the coach’s personal experience. 

Action Takers Accelerator

Gives you fluff-free strategies that are rooted in psychology, neuroscience, imperfect action and design thinking.

Meaning? You can trust the strategies I share will work with your brain ― not against it

Other Programs 

Overwhelms you with a tidal wave of information and leaves the implementation up to you. 

Action Takers Accelerator

Ensures you prioritise your dream projects and get sh*t done thanks to the monthly sprints and virtual coworking sessions. 

Other Programs 

Provides accountability via a large Facebook group that’s easy to get lost in 

Action Takers Accelerator

Bakes in extra levels of accountability & support via daily check-ins, fortnightly group coaching, 1:1 sessions, and access to an intimate group of ambitious women to ensure you stay consistently on track with your habits and routines.

(Seriously, no other program has this much support!)

Chances are, you’ve been nodding along as you’ve read my story…

And a part of you doesn’t feel so alone anymore (trust me, you’re not!)

But despite that, you’re still unsure whether you really need a coaching program right now. 

Still here wondering whether to make a move?

Because even with your tendency to procrastinate till the literal last minute, the shiny object syndrome, and the constant overwhelm…

You’ve still been able to accomplish some pretty amazing things on your own ― like getting into uni, landing a full-time job, or starting a side-hustle.

And you figure you can probably continue getting away with it to accomplish even more of your goals.

This was exactly how I felt in my early years of adulthood. 

Despite my procrastination tendencies and my neurodivergent brain, I was still able to knock my dreamy goals out of the park.

You’ll confidently finish what you start

You’ll feel a true sense of accomplishment and pride because you’re finally working on yourself

And ultimately become an unstoppable force

You’ll have clarity on the most impactful projects to prioritise 

You’ll be able to design a life that feels good for you

But once you can challenge the mindset blocks holding you back, adopt strategies that work with your brain, and create new thought patterns that align with your vision ―

I told myself that as long as I keep hustling, I could continue to do all the things!

But from one multi-passionate, driven woman to another, here’s what I want you to know ― 

No matter how much you accomplish or how many praises you get, it’ll never feel enough if the goals you’re chasing aren’t aligned with your vision for life.

You’ll always feel this longing inside you for more impact, fulfillment, and happiness…

But you’ll always struggle to take the steps you need to get there (especially since it feels like your brain is determined to work against you).

And while the hustle may work (for now), you’ll likely find yourself in the same place ― 

Forever scribbling down ideas without bringing them to life

Always second-guessing yourself instead of taking consistent action forward

Working extra hard to prove to yourself and everyone around you that you’re on the right path

Doing so much yet so little at the same time

Fighting a losing battle with burnout from a job that doesn’t fulfil you

Hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock and your audacious goals

Over the next 6-months, I will be with you every step of the way cheering you on and helping you make serious momentum towards your goals.

But it all starts with you getting out of your own way and taking action.

So if you’re ready to design a life that feels effortlessly epic ― hit the shiny button below and apply now!

All of that magic is waiting for you on the other side of The Action Taker’s Accelerator!

But here’s the good news ―

A cashflow friendly payment plan.


Six monthly payments of


Save $494 when you pay in full with one easy payment.


One-time payment of

best value


Ask Emma Anything!

Since we’re going to be working pretty closely for the next 6 months, I want to make sure this will be a perfect fit for me and you (and for the group!). I want this to be the right investment for you, so I’ll only accept if I’m 100% confident I can help you with your goals. 

Why do I have to apply?

If we’re a perfect fit, I’ll reach out within 3 days to let you know. Then, you'll be invited to a behind-the-scenes tour of the Action Takers Accelerator to help you make your final decision to join.

What happens after I hit apply?

Unfortunately not — this isn’t a monthly membership but rather, a high-touch, six-12 months coaching program. It’s designed in a specific way to facilitate complete transformation and in my experience, being ‘all in’ is an essential part of this.

Can I join the Accelerator on a month-to-month basis to see how I like it?

Absolutely! The first six months of the program are all about helping you transform different areas of your life ― whether that’s your career, fitness, health, or studies.

If you do have a business or side-hustle, you can also choose to work on that within the first 6-months. Or you can continue on with the second phase of the program where we go all-in on business growth and development!

Can I join the Accelerator even if I don’t have a business?

For sure! In the spirit of full transparency, the current price is the lowest it’ll ever be. In future rounds, I may tweak the amount of coaching support and the price. And I won’t be opening the doors again until xxxx.

Will I be able to join this later in 2022?

Flick me an email here or you can book in a no-pressure call with me here to see if this is the right investment for you.

What if I have more questions?



Become an action taker

A cashflow friendly payment plan.


Six monthly payments of


Save $494 when you pay in full with one easy payment.


One-time payment of

best value

so, are you ready to stop dreaming and start doing?